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Joanne is a writer, artist and materials developer living in Cape Town.

Until relatively recently, art-making dominated her creative life. Her work encompassed cartooning, painting and mixed media.

Most prominent was her pinboard work, in which she reconfigured a plethora of plastic miniature toys, key rings, fridge magnets, ompoms,brooches and other ephemeral tat into fields.

In this work, she aimed to interrogate the world we live in, where an extravaganza of excess co-exists so seamlessly with widespread deprivation and want.

At the same time, her desire was to challenge culturally defined notions of beauty and value, turning the easy categories of ‘trashy’ and ‘precious’, ‘throwaway’ and ‘beautiful’ onto their heads.

For the past five years, in response to the onset of visual impairment, Joanne has largely re-orientated her creative practice from art-making to writing.